I can’t edit/create a glyph in Glyph trail version of the app

Hi, when I open a new tab/a glyph, the tab is empty inside, and there is no bounding box no matter what I do. When pressing spacebar, it shows the letter/number or what I imported or drawn inside it. Which also means when I use the Pen tool I can’t see what I am drawing I have to press the spacebar to see the result…

I already reinstalled the app.

In Glyph mini app (trial version), I don’t have this problem.

Before you open a new tab, select something in the font view. Or, switch to the text mode and type the letters you like to edit. Or use cmd+F to add them manually.

Sorry, I meant new tab/glyph from font view/window.

Yes. I can select a glyph in the font view. I can add them the manually with cmd+f, I can type them with type tool… but I can’t edit or create them. When I select one/double click (singular or from a string), it shows nothing/blank space, nu bounding box, no edit mode. Esc doesn’t work.

Make sure View > Show Metrics is on.

Can you send us the .glyphs file and screenshot of what you are seeing.

Hi. Yes, it’s on.

The window on the right is Glyphs Mini.

My issue is with the Glyphs trail app. For example, when selecting from font view the letter A, it appears as via screenshot. And only the letter A shows up when pressing spacebar. - I can not make a screenshot while pressing the spacebar. - If I use the Pen, it shows nothing unless I press spacebar. I could make a theoretical assumption that I am not in editing mode, as in GM.

Did you check what mekkablue has asked?

I made this quick video to confirm my messages so far. I hope it helps.

Interesting. Do you have any plugins installed?

Can you try updating to the latest cutting edge version (see Glyphs > Preferences)? And if that does not help, redownload the app, and replace the old app in your app folder with it.

No plugins. I only got to make some changes in Preferences > User settings

  • I checked the box. It won’t let me update.
  • It won’t replace (overwrite) the old app. I have the same app with the same settings, twice, with the same problem.

What do you mean by that? You cannot replace the app in your Applications folder? Which error message do you get? Do you have admin privileges on the Mac you are working on?

mekkablue that worked for me. thanks for answers, I really appreciate it! I’ve been getting headaches cuz of this.

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