I clicked something

Well, I don’t know how to properly explain it but I’ll try…
I clicked something or accidentally pressed a keys combination… so now all paths from all visible layers are editable from an active layer.
In other words, they are not displayed as outlines (no nodes) but as a normal paths - with nodes, handles etc. I can edit all paths from all visible layers from an active layer.
Is there a way to switch this back to how it was - displaying paths from visble but not active layers as outlines (just the way as background is shown), not as actual paths (with nodes etc)?

Here is a screenshot https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22977838/Screen%20Shot%202017-02-09%20at%2020.46.10.png - two layers (light and bold) are visible.

Did you switch from the normal Edit tool (single arrow symbol) to the Edit All Layers tool (double arrow symbol)? It enables all layers that have the an active eye symbol in the Layers palette.

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You are my hero, thank you!