I have an issue with a font locl feature

Can I send you file, since I am not sure why the software adds lockups, when I dont have them in my source file.

It might be this problem: Problem with Turkish i and Tcedilla/Scedilla localisation

Hey Georg,

Might be but the issue I am tasked to solve is related to NLD.

Can u tell me why my working features in .glyphs file, get to this when the fonts are exported to .otf.

Also why a bunch of new lookups are added.
And when u click compile you get

FROM (source):

TO (exported .otf) :

I have both Glyphs 2 and 3. This is with 2 (1330), because I have created it in 2.

I can send you the file to take a look for yourself? @GeorgSeifert

Did you open the font from a .otf? That is not a good way to debug OpenType features as decompiling is not 100% possible and might miss things.

Yes, I did, because I am trying to debug what the client is experiencing.

He is using a woff2 version which seem to be generated by a third party from the .otf given.

What problems do you see?

The client have a couple of lines added to his locl, which are not there in my source, there are also not there in my exported .otf.


sub J by J.loclNLD
sub j by j.loclNLD

These are not in my source. I am not sure why they get added. Would a otf to woff2 converter add them?

Okay. I was able to trace part of the issue. When I click auto-generate features those two subs are added, which is kinda normal because they are prefixed with locl, but it seems that is also what the client converter is doing? E.g tries to be smart and add subs for all the .locl glyphs instead of just what is given. @GeorgSeifert

What is the actual problem? What happens with the font on the client’s screen?

If you want to examine a compiled OTF, use OTM or TTX or FontTableViewer.