I installed App Store update and now glyphs is unusable


I just installed the update from app store (1.3.15) and now it is unusable. I takes ages to open a glyph… 2 seconds do select a glyphs…
What is happening?


Can you have a look at the console.app (put Glyphs in the search field)?

25 items saying almost the same:

“12/11/21 15:39:22 [0x0-0x26d26d].com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs[24091] objc[24091]: Class ARCLite is implemented in both /Applications/Glyphs.app/Contents/MacOS/…/Frameworks/GlyphsKit.framework/Versions/A/ GlyphsKit and /Applications/Glyphs.app/Contents/PlugIns/Transform.glyphsFilter/Contents/MacOS/Trans form. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.”

Deleting and re-downloading the app from the Appstore has helped occasionally. Also, see if it works better in a different user.

It didn’t work for me :confused: Thanks anyway

Can you send me the file to support | at | glyphsapp.com