I need your assistance-

I want to know how the glyphs for Trademark are designated in
French, Spanish and Portuguese. I used to have this Info but I have lost it in the wonderful world of the web.

These are not in the GlyphData.xml file. I think they should be added. I have them in my custom file.

Hi, I am living in Germany since 1987 and have never seen a Circled WZ 🄮. Can you post an example of this character in real-life usage? When I google 🄮, I only get pages which describe the character or people using all sorts of rare and questionable Unicode characters to give themselves a kind of unique identity. Therefore I question who really needs this character and wether there is a serious need to be added to the GlyphData.xml file or anywhere else.

Indeed, under German legislation there is no legal requirement to mark a Warenzeichen with any mark. Having the Eintragungsurkunde and the Registerauszug are sufficient to prove that you own a Marke.

See page 7 of this document from the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt.

It states that the (albeit foreign) ® can be used in business environments as a “hint” for 3rd parties.

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Good point. In fact, if I search for “warenzeichen symbol” all the returns are the common ® and ™ symbols. I did not know of the mark until I was copying the information on the other three from the Unicode page for the answer to the OP when I ran across the info on the German mark, so included it. So it is true there isn’t a serious need for it in the GlyphData.xml file.

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