I set shortcuts in the plug-in, but it didn't work

I set keyboardShortcut in the plug-in, but it didn’t work.

def settings(self):
	self.menuName = u'选择部件'
	self.keyboardShortcut = 'k'

what’s the wrong?

What kind of plugin is this? The self.keyboardShortcut works only with Filters.

oh,sorry,I wrote in a glyphsPlugin

Then you need to add the shortcut to the menu item yourself.

Hi! In a SelectTool plugin, self.keyboardShortcut doesn’t seem to work for me anymore, it shows V instead. Has that property changed in Glyphs 3?

For select tools there is indeed a bug. For now, please add this method:

def trigger(self):
		return self.keyboardShortcut