I want to download my glyphs license

I got a license from the first laptop to the second laptop, so I’m using it. But now I have to use Glyphs on my third MacBook. I need the license file for my account now. How can I apply the license file to a third laptop? Even search on the first and second laptop, The .glyphs3license file does not appear. If I have a chance, please send the license to me.

It’s not a good idea to publicly post your email address in plain text form. You can send an email to office at this domain (without forum.) in order to request your license file again.

THX. i send Glyphs <@glyphsapp.com>!
have a nice day!

Just to be sure: you need to send it to ‘office’ @…

oh, I just sent tim@…
isn’t it wrong?

Tim works, too.