I want to erase unused layers from all glyphs

I’m using Glyphs2 to make Japanese fonts.

The file containing kanji and the file containing Latin and Japanese are separated, and finally they are combined to make it.

After modifying it many times and repeating copy and paste, the number of unused layers increased.

Is there a way to remove this unused layer from all glyphs?

From individual glyphs, you woul select them and press the minus button:

If you need to do this for many glyphs at once, try the mekkablue scripts from Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts. There is a script mekkablue > Interpolation > Remove All Non-Master Layers that removes all backup layers in selected glyphs.

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You seem to have Glyphs 2 and there the installation of the scripts different. The scripts are in this repo and the readme contains instructions:

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Thank you very much! A total of 16,000 unused layers of glyphs could be erased cleanly. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!
Great script.
Great works !!!
It was helpful! :slight_smile:

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