I want to install my Glyph 3 to multiple system

Hi, before buying the Glyph 3, i need help in…

  • I have a Macbook and imac and i want to install the Glyph 3 to both, should i buy one setup or i have to buy 2? because i need to install it into both, please help.

Thank You

The license is per person, not per computer.

That means: If two people are using the two installations, then you need two licenses. If it is only you who uses it, then you just need one license.

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Thanks a lot,

so it means i can use one installation in both of my mac, using the user id and pass?
how is this works?

After buying a Glyphs license, you get a license file. When launching Glyphs, the app will ask for you to register with a license file. Open the license file with Glyphs on both of your Macs, and Glyphs will run on both of them.

(Edit: file, not code)

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Thanks a ton.