I would like to discuss the default metrics

Most fontdesign applications come with default values for the metrics, being
ascender: 800
capitals: 700
x-height: 500
descender: -200

As I see at school, most people don’t even think on the possibility to change these values, leading to a standardisation and no experimentation.

So wouldn’t it be a good idea to give the user on the creation of a new font a window that asks for these values? And I prefer to give this window the message ‘Enter the values corresponding to your sketches…’

This is an interesting idea. I will think about it.

As a newbie, I found the default values helpful. Altering them was actually the first thing I did when got started, but I don’t think I would have know what kinds of numbers to enter if left to my own devices.

…leading to a standardisation and no experimentation.

Experimentation? What do you need to experiment with vertical metrics for? Are experimental vertical metrics a new thing at Trendlist or something?

Enter the values corresponding to your sketches…

I think it’s safe to assume that most people don’t actually put vertical metrics on their sketches.

I agree with DTF.
It is completely unnecessary step.

Once you made your first mistake, you will never do it again :slight_smile: