Iacute, icircumflex, idieresis, igrave dont generate


I’m having a few issues working with anchors and generating accented characters, specifically the lowercase i (iacute, icircumflex and idieresis).

When I generate the aring for example the anchors work, the letter generates as it should, everything looks great. But, as soon as I generate any of the accented, lowercase i’s nothing happens and the glyph is left totally blank. I have all of the desired marks but they just don generate.

I have also tried going into the glyph (iacute for example) and adding the right components, in this case i and acute but they don’t show either!

It works for every other glyph but the lowercase i. I am using Glyphs Mini.

Am I missing something?

Thank you!

Do you have dotless i (idotless) as a separate glyph? You need it.

That was it! It works perfectly now!

Thank you for your help!:smiley: