Icon font with extra detailed illustration

Hi, I’m a graphic designer, not exactly aware of all the best practices for font design. I did some pictogram fonts for signage projects.

I’m now working on a cartography project, and we figured with the GIS guy that the best way to add the detailed illustration was to create a layered pictogram font. It works great for icons, but not so for the extra detailed building. Is there a way to create fonts at more than 1000 units? Or another way to target the problem?


There are some options. You can increased the Units per Em (UPM) (max is 16000 but keep it below 10000) and the vertical metrics or disable grid (set the grid to zero in Font info > Other Settings). Both options might fail, it depends how the software you are using is handling fonts. Some apps have problems with big UPMs and some can’t handle the fractional coordinates.


Yay, great! Going to 10000 UPM solved the problem.
Thanks for the tip!