Idotless not working in stylistic set

Hi all, I exported one of my fonts today and I noticed a small issue. Lowercase i should appear as i dotless in stylistic set 1. I have two font files, one for roman and the second for italic. idotless works fine on roman but not on italic.

sub i for idotless.ss01 is listed in the features.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Not in your screenshot. Are you sure that line is in your feature code?

Line 57

That says to substitute idotless, not i.

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  1. Glyph > Add Glyphs with this recipe: idotless=i.ss01
  2. Update and compile features.
  3. Reexport.

How are you testing? This may also be a font cache problem. Read this please: Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs

@SCarewe, you’re right, my mistake.
@mekkablue , thanks, your suggestion worked perfectly