Ignore intermediate masters when kerning

Curious is there a way to have kerning always interpolated between the extreme masters?
for example i have 4 weight master setup but no special need for custom tune on regular and bold … so happy to interpolate the kerning between light and the heavy for all instances…

Can this be done without a plugin?

I used kernkraft in the past to interpolate and apply kerning but this step should be automatic.

Hi, Since Kernschmelze doesn’t work in Glyphs 3, is there any other way to easily interpolate the kerning for an intermediate master without having to delete one master, generate an instance and copy the kerning back to the original file? For quick testing, this is a somewhat lengthy path. Thanks!

Kernschmelze should work (I made it work in Glyphs 3 two weeks ago). Just found and fixed a tiny issue.

Thanks, Georg. I can launch Kernschmelze now, unfortunately the app crashes whenever I hit “Schmelz!” button. I sent you the crash report. I hope it is possible to fix it.

I see your crash, but it is unhelpful.

Can you run Glyphs from the command line to see if there is anything that might help?

Open the Terminal.
Drag the Glyphs 3.app into the Terminal window.
remove the last space with the backspace key.
hit the Tab-key twice. There should be “/Content” show up. Then try “m” and the Tab-key twice again. It should read “… /Glyphs\ 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Glyphs\ 3”.
Then press enter.
Glyphs should start.
Open the Kernschmelze window
go back to the Terminal and hit Cmd+K.
Then press the “Schmelz” button.
Copy all text from the Terminal and post it here.

I tried twice and all I get is:
zsh: segmentation fault /Applications/Glyphs\ 3.2.app/Contents/MacOS/Glyphs\ 3
filip@Filipovo-M2 ~ %