Ij is not properly display on indesign CC 2019 and powerpoint

Hello there,

i’m facing an issue that drive me mad. The letter ij (unicode 0133) is visible and corrected display in illustrator and indesign cs6 but for some reason the i is not visible in indesign cc so when i try to type dutch ligature ij in indesign cc I can see just the j.

Someone knows what’s going on?
thank you in advance for your help

Update: the issue seems to be present only in 2019 version of indesign while the 2018 everything works fine

Last Update:
it doesn’t work properly on powerpoint as well. I’ve tried to export the same file with Fontlab VI (via UFO) and everything seems to work well. So, probably it’s a Glyph problem…

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

Have you read the Tutorial about the IJ?

I received your files and exported the font to the Adobe Fonts folder and tested in InDesign CC2019, and it work as expected, both the Unicode 0133 and separately typed ij. IOW there must be a different problem. The .glyphs file you sent me is OK.

thank you very much for your time. Finally we have figured out what’s happened:
For some reason the software (Indesign CC2019) didn’t recognize the metrics of the composed glyph ij. Infact it juxtaposed the components, this is the reason why it was disappeared the i. We’ve decomposed the glyph and finally everything worked fine. The solution was simple, so now i feel more stupid than before…
Maybe the best practice in order to avoid this kind of problem is to decompose all glyph just before the exportation, is it right?

  1. Which version of Glyphs are you using? Make sure you have the latest.
  2. Double check automatic alignment and component order.
  3. OTFs decompose automatically.