Illegal setup of smart component in "_xy"

Just found that in my console. Why is that, please?
I run a plugin which gets the bezierpath of a layer and it doesn’t display the glyphs completely. Maybe there’s a hint?

Illegal setup of smart component in “_xy”

That means that two layer have the same configuration.

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You mean two top level layers?
In this particular file I got 2 styles in one file, like masters 1, 2, 3 for one style and 4, 5, 6 for another style. maybe that’s why?!

No, the smart properties assignment of the layers. There are two that have the same

Ah I see. Someone made a batch copy of the layers so now I got bold backup layers in the smart glyph 08

Should this perhaps not be happening? I don’t know how they came there. BUT this file is a work in progress, I’ll remove the second style soon anyway.

You need to fix the smart component settings.

Perhaps an indicator like the warning triangle could help.

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