Illustrator CC doesn't recognise line height

When exported to Adobe folder, line height is bigger than typing in Glyphsapp. What is changing this? Thanks

Line height (distance between two consecutive baselines) is not determined in the font, but a setting in the Paragraph palette.

Do you mean first baseline offset? AI has various ways of determining this. By default, it measures the height of the lowercase d:

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So, there isn´t a way to set up a default leading from the OTF?

There is a way, well two ways: linegap in OS/2 and hhead table, but both values are going to be overwrite in Adobe apps for the 120% of the size of the embox. In other words your linegap will be set as the value shipped in the font in other tender engines like coretext, uniscrib or harfbuzz but not in Adobe when you are in Indesing, Illustrator or Photoshop. If you want to modify the appareance of the default linegap of your font in Adobe, you will need to play with the emboco size

This is what you can do in an OpenType font:

But again, Illustrator makes its own measurements. And the user can set his or her own. Please read the Adobe link I posted above.