Illustrator keeps refreshing with every change in Glyphs

I’m designing all my characters in Illustrator, and I’ve created a sort of draft project in Glyphs, just to see how things match and what not. Now, I haven’t installed it yet, nor have I exported it to check in TextPreview, but every time I make a single change in Glyphs, and I return to Illustrator, it starts refreshing for 3 or 4 seconds, as if it is trying to update something that doesn’t exist. This isn’t very productive; so is there a way to disable this ‘sync’? I’m currently running the latest version (Glyphs 2.6.3)

Illustrator is doing something? Glyphs can only add fonts to the Adobe fonts folder, not influence other apps’ behavior.

Having said that, make sure you have the latest versions of all apps. In case this was a bug at some point, chances are this is fixed.