Illustrator to Glyphsapp


New to the forum could anyone advise the best method for getting letterforms drawn as Bézier curves into Gylphsapp from Adobe illustrator.


Please have a look at this tutorial:

To Georg,

I have looked at the tutorial included above but would need further help regarding correct settings especially the Grid Spacings which I set at 0 and subdivisions at 1 within Glyphsapp.
I set my measurement units to points within a new illustrator document before resizing the letterforms to a larger grid size then saved that file.
I then copy and pasted the letters from illustrator into Glyphsapp could you explain why the letters in Illustrator do not match the baseline and
X-Height when placed into Glyphsapp.


You need to set the origin of the document correctly to get proper positioning of the outlines in Glyphs. Adobe changed the way how to set it (I think in CS6) and I can’t tell you how it is done now as I still have CS5.5. The easiest solution is to draw a box around the letters in Illustrator and then use that to position the outlines in Glyphs before you remove the box.

Depends on the version of Illustrator you import from. This is addressed in the tutorial in the section Take control of positioning: AI’s behaviour changed with version CS5. I am not sure about Illustrator CC though.

I still have CS5 too. By changing two lines of codes in preferences of Illustrator, you may make it to behave like before;

I don’t know if it works on CC either.