I'm new to this and could use a little help

What format should my logo be in if I’m gonna use Glyphs?

I suppose you want to put your logo into a font?

There are plenty of tutorials in the Tutorials section, and a handbook and short introduction videos on the Get Started, in case you are new to vectors. If you need to recreate your logo in vectors, read about how to draw good paths, or, if you already have a vector version, there is a tutorial about importing from Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks for your reply Mekkablue. I’m new and only doing this to run my Logo through Glyph so I can use it in my final cut pro. After downloading the Glyph APP the icon is there, but nothing happens when I push it?..

Are you new to Macs as well? A running app is indicated by the name of the app in the top left corner of the screen. If it says Glyphs there, you can either choose File > New from the menu, or press the keyboard shortcut Cmd-N to create a new empty document.