I'm unable to get a font note palette

Hi all,

I recently was watching Kevin King’s Glyphs tutorial and saw that he’s using a font note palette to store his notes. I’d love to have a similar palette always visible so that I can check things off as I go instead of having to open the font info window every time. Is there any way to do this anymore?

I’ve tried adding the custom parameter to my font info “note” with an empty value. I’ve also tried installing the deprecated note palette using these directions Mekkablue > NotePalettes. Neither worked for me! Is there any way I can get it? For some reason my Library / Application Support folder doesn’t have a Glyphs folder by default. Is that why the GitHub install isn’t working for me?

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking in the user/Library/Application Support folder? That’s where the Glyphs folder lives, not the Library/Application Support folder.

Install the Glyph Note plugin using Plugin Manager. After installation, you will find it has installed Glyph Note, and if you want Font Note it lives inside the user/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Repositories/Glyph Note folder. You must install it manually following Mekkablue’s instructions.

Ah that was it! I was in the non-user library folder. Thanks you so much @George_Thomas