Image in background appears in all glyphs


Version 2.3b (837)

I place an image in one glyph and it appears in all the glyphs.
Is this a bug?


Can’t reproduce this.

This is the glyph g with an image in the background.

When I select either a or g (or any other glyph) I see the same image in the background as well.

I have seen this too. I’ll send you the files.

UPDATE Steps to reproduce:

  1. new empty font (Cmd-N)
  2. drag an image into a letter, e.g. x
  3. in Edit view. switch to the Text tool, and type a string including x, e.g. “xyz”
  4. open another letter (without an image) by double-clicking, e.g. y

y will display the image of x, regardless of the View > Image setting.

For this to happen, x needs to be in the same Edit view.