Images in background layer are not saved

If I put an image in the background layer, it’s no longer there if I re-open it.

It’s useful to be able to flip between the filled drawing and a 100% opacity image as per the explanation of “Image only view” here:

Crop to bounding box is still broken.

Fixed it

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Crop to Layer bounds still doesn’t work though?

This is again an old topic, but suddenly in Glyphs 2.6.1 OS 10.13.2 I cannot see bitmaps on the image layer, placed there for some time ago. Instead I see kind of placeholder. All well with fresh placed images.35

Most probably in my case is it an exporting issue from FL6.

My first thought is that you moved the images, which broke the link to them within Glyphs.

Have tested recently, I see no way to export bitmap layer from FL6 into Glyphs. Still I had copied bitmaps again directly from PS to Glyphs, having some earlier version of Glyphs, but cannot view them anymore.

How do you move the file from fl6 to Glyphs?

I used desigspace export option, but tried glyphs export one as well. still I lose background even when exporting from FL6 to FL5. S it might be connected with the layer name.

There are scripts in mekkablue > Images for relocating image paths.

Hah, nice try! But think, there are very few people, who are keeping all background images as separate files on the HD. At least I have copied them all as a selections from the layered Photoshop file.

We have suddenly two different issues here. One is export of the bitmap background from FL to G, which is not my main theme here. I can easily replace all backgrounds via copy-place quickly and it is done already for two times. Still the problem is not solved for me, as I need to move some other projects out from FL.

Main theme: I have copied images from Photoshop file (8 Bits grayscale) directly into the Glyphs file earlier and they are corrupted during Glyphs updates… so I’m not the happier person currently.

I believe this is your reply to my suggestion, above. The Glyphs manual probably says it best.
Please refer to 13.4.1 Bitmap Image Files, page 155, for the recommended way of working with bitmap images.

I’m reading the handbook page and can’t believe my eyes. A separate folder? No direct copy paste anymore? Which holds. Ahh, sad destiny!

It’s always been that way with Glyphs, at least since February 2013 when I first bought it.

Copy and paste does work (after the .glyphs file has been saved at least once). But images will still be saved in a separate folder. :slight_smile: But Glyphs takes care of it then.

So can you specifically describe what you are doing and send me some sample files with before after states when it breaks?

aah, this is the Glyphsapp, which is creating a separate folder with perfectly named bitmap images in my HD. Yep, I can use your script, Erich!

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