Images not saving


I placed an image on my foreground layer to trace over and every time I reopen the UFO the image is gone. I’m doing LAYER > ADD IMAGE… and after resizing the image I lock it in place. The image stays there while I work, but when I reopen the file it’s not there. Is there a special way of placing images?


Not exactly sure about UFOs, but images are not embedded in a .glyphs file. Only their (relative) path is stored. So keep the image files in a subfolder next to the .glyphs file, and when you move the file, move the folder with it.

Thanks mekkablue. After your reply I saved as a .glyphs file and it works. Is it at all possible to save links to images under UFOs?

I’ll have a look.

Hi Georg!

Have you had a chance to look into this? The UFO 3 specification includes images, so I was surprised that Glyphs wouldn’t save them (to be honest, I prefer saving the link rather than embeding it, just as you do with Glyphs files; that was my workflow before Glyphs). I’m about to start my first “from scratch” project on Glyphs but it would be very difficult to do so without the ability to save images.