Images selectable but no longer display

Glyphs Mini 1.5.3 (41)
(App Store Version)

I placed images in several glyphs. Glyphs Mini crashed and now none of the images will display. They are still selectable but will not display (they appear as empty white boxes). I’ve tried toggling ‘show image’ off and on.

When I open the .glyphs file in the trial version of the full Glyphs app the images appear correctly. Save-as to a new .glyphs file and open in Glyphs Mini, images still do not display.

How do I fix this?

Edit: I tried one more thing: Created a new font in full Glyphs app, imported images, and drew outlines on a couple of glyphs. Saved. Opened .glyphs file in Glyphs Mini and images are selectable but do not display. Right click on image an choose “Reveal in Finder”, shows folder of .glyphs file not the folder where background images are stored. I have not changed the location of the images nor the location of the .glyphs files. It seems like there is a problem with how Glyphs Mini keeps relative file paths stored, whereas the full Glyphs app doesn’t have this problem.

Can you send us the .glyphs file with one of these glyphs plus the image file? support (at) domain of this website.


This, indeed, seems to be a bug in Mini. The app appears to add a crop so large that nothing is shown of the image. Ironically, in the file itself, there is no crop set, Mini just misinterprets the values. That is why it works in the Pro version. I have filed a bug report.

I had a look at it and found the problem. It is caused by the sandboxing that is required by the Mac App Store. The fix is a bit more complicated than I hoped.

There is a workaround: Place the images in the folder:

(to open that folder, copy the path, hit cmd+shift+G in Finder and paste the path into the dialog and hit enter).

Then drag the images from there into Glyphs.