Import anchor position metrics

I’ve imported metrics from one file to another, and the position of everything is correct, except the anchor points don’t appear to import as well, so they’re out of position.

Is that not part of the metrics export, do I need to manually reset/reposition all my anchors in the new master? I have “keep aligned components” checked in the options for importing… if so, is there a way to quickly delete all the current anchor points so I can start fresh?


Why didn’t you just copy the glyphs over?

I’ve done some treatments in Illustrator to the original glyphs and am pasting them back into a Glyphs file to create another version of the font.

What treatments have you done? I’m curious to see if you can just do it in Glyphs :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering it :slight_smile: I was hoping I could do it in Glyphs in some way (would save a lot of time), but it’s one of those distressed/rustic treatments that adds a lot of texture to each glyph.

Is there a way to quickly delete all existing anchor points from the glyphs (maybe there’s a better way to doing all this, but it’s all I’ve figured out so far)? Thanks.

What do you mean by anchor points? Oncurve points, offcurve points, or anchors?

If you just want an empty glyph, you can use Edit > Clear.

Sorry, should have clarified… I mean just the anchors (I want to still keep the drawn characters in each glyph).


Paste this in the Macro Window, select any number of (or all) glyphs, and press Run:

for thisLayer in Font.selectedLayers:
    thisLayer.anchors = None

Thanks… I’m experimenting with the process for creating these “rustic” texture versions, and because the anchor metrics didn’t save with the metrics export from the original file, they’re a little off when I’m pasting in the new versions. Kind of hard to explain, but I figure maybe easier to just start over with the anchors than trying to select and move them all.

You can also reset anchors by holding down Alt/Opt and choosing Glyph > Reset Anchors (Cmd-Opt-U). This deletes anchors and reinserts default anchors at their default positions.

Cool, thanks @mekkablue for the tips, will try both options to see which may lend itself best to this. Appreciate it.