Import Existing OTF Font Family into Glyphs to produce new Typeface


I’ve not been able to find answers on google or here.

I have existing font family otf files (9 total .otf files) and I have the license to modify them (SIL OFL license, I have full rights and I respect font ethics, please put this issue aside). I would like to start working on them in Glyphs and produce a new modified typeface (including variable fonts).

What is the recommended workflow for importing existing OTF families into Glyphs?

I’ve tried the following:

  • Open all .otf files simultaneously into Glyphs
  • Font Info > Masters > Add other as master

The problem is that there are a bunch of incompatible layers for 9 different masters.

Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t have any option around the compatibility of different masters besides going through all the red glyphs and fixing the paths manually.

Am I missing some obvious workflow? Or this is how most people do it?

I wanted to confer here before I sink a lot of time into it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

If you need to interpolate between all nine masters (how many axes are there), you need to make them compatible by hand. @jkutilek had just posted a video about the process:

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Thank you @GeorgSeifert, I just have Weight axis that I would like to interpolate upon.

I think with 9 existing masters (generated from 9 otf files), my instances currently will map exactly to 9 instances (1:1 mapping). So there is no interpolation I presume? If I export as a variable font, it will interpolate between each of the 9 instances, is that a correct assumption?

Sorry, I recently bought Glyphs 3 license and still getting the workflow sorted.

If you have only one axis you should not use all nine masters. If the range is not too extreme, you should be fine with three, four at most (depending on the design maybe even only two). And in most cases the middle masters are only needed for some glyphs. Then you can use brace layers:
Have a look at this tutorials:

@GeorgSeifert Excellent. I am watching the video you’ve linked - very helpful and gets me an idea of what kind of effort is required to make this happen. This is all I needed and the clarification is much appreciated.

There’s a tutorial about importing existing fonts. Maybe helpful about cleaning up font info, glyph names and features:
Importing Existing Fonts