Import failure

Error message received when trying to open an exported .otf file in FontLab Studio:
“Import failed for the following reason:
TrueType font file is corrupted and cannot be opened in FontLab. It
may be not a valid TrueType font file.”

I encountered this once. Can you send me the file to investigate?


Thank you for your response. It happens on every file I export.

I still need the .glyph and the .otf file to have a look at it. It is not a general problem with Glyphs but with the settings in your .glyphs file.


I also encountered the same and could you please investigate mine?

  1. Which version of Glyphs did you use for the export?
  2. Which version of FontLab are you using to import it?
  3. Are you exporting a CFF or a TTF?
  1. 2.3 (895) and 2.5b (1118)
  2. FontLab Studio 5.1.2 and 5.1.4 (Mac)
  3. CFF/CID-keyed

And both fonts exported from 2.3 (895) and 2.5b (1118) could open properly with

It might be a problem with FontLab :wink:

Sorry for the late reply.

I found the workaround for this issue: the font exported with Disable Subroutines option checked could open with FontLab Studio.

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