Import font as second layer into multiple master

I set up an existing font in glyphs. Now I want to import a second one into the second (bold) layer as part two of my multiple master. How do I get an existing font into that layer? I already converted it from Fontlab into Glyphs??? Please help I am a stupid beginner.

There is a command called Assign Background which works on selected glyphs.

Hi thanks a lot! Perfect. Its a bit around the bent to first put the font into the bckgraound and then use it as foreground and all the metrics are lost, but better than nothing. Thanks a lot for your help again. Gert

You can open both fonts and then merge them in Font Info > Masters > plus button in the lower left > Add Other Font.

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Aha thanks, that will be a lot easier!
But now it shows that the instances are not configured correct.
I do not see the sample letter n on the left of the instance name and no typesample at the bottom.
The plugin show interpolations does not show the interpolations.
And the master compatability is not shown correctly either.
What’s wrong please?
I am sure it is just a little glitch, but I don’t know which glitch.
Please help.

Please read the tutorials and the section in the Handbook about Multiple Master.