Import font to a) background layer or b) backup layer

a) Is this possible for the background layer like it is with fontlab? I wanted to add a fully decomposed and obliqued version behind the component-led original oblique. Bars, hooks, diagonals etc have all been displaced slightly and this seems the purest way to ensure matching alignment - by going through and moving according to b/g position.

b) I tried using mekkablue’s Copy Glyphs from Other Font into Background Layer script but it actually overwrites the master layer without creating a backup layer at all. Unless I’ve missed something crucial!

Thanks for reading!

A: select all, assign background. And in my repository, there is a script for decomposing backgrounds.

B: please write an issue on github. Do you have the latest version?

Good grief:

Assign background was what I needed. Easy squeazy. Thank you Glyphs