Import from Fontlab VI produced curves with connected handles

I imported a bunch of glyphs from Fontlab VI (just testing it out, didn’t like it nearly as much as I love Glyphs) and I noticed that every bezier curve handle is connected to the one next to it and none of the handles can move independently. This is true whether I’m looking at a blue corner point or a green curve point. I guess my questions are as follows:

Does anyone know why this happened?
Does anyone know how I can fix it from within Glyphs? (I have discovered that if I copy the whole thing, paste it in Illustrator, then paste it immediately back into Glyphs without doing anything, the problem is solved, but this is a tedious fix)

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

Sound like quadratic (TT) curves. What you want is cubic (PS) curves.
Try Paths > Other Convert to Cubic.

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THANK YOU! That’s exactly what it was. :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity, when might someone want quadratic curves?

Whenever you want to be taking control over outlines in a TTF. At the moment, you cannot draw TT curves in Glyphs, only convert between PS and TT, and edit them.

Oh, okay. Got it. Thank you!