Import Glyphs2 data to Glyphs3

I’ve a question concerning implement/Export/import an Glyphs2-File into the Glyphs 3. I would like to extend an existing icon font and change it to a variable font. I found good tutorials on your website about variable fonts, but nothing about how to convert an existing font.

Is that possible or does it need a complete new start?


You can just open a Glyphs 2 file in Glyphs 3. Or do you mean something else?

Hi, thanks for your fast answer. Yes, that’s what I meant. I tried that (with further files) out, but there is an error opening the glyphs2 file in glyphs 3 and I don’t know how to solve it. “The file could not be opened”. But it is good to know, that its actually possible…

This may be due to a bug in the current cutting-edge version. I believe it already is fixed in the upcoming beta, check for updates later today, and try again.

These are good news :smiley: Thanks a lot!!!

Is it fixed in the latest cutting edge version?

unfortunately not, if its Version Glyphs 3.1 (3133)…

Version 3.1 ( 3146) is the current cutting edge version. You can use the cutting edge release by going to GlyphsPreferences…Updates, checking Show cutting edge versions, and clicking Check Now.

Thanks a lot!! Good advice, I’ve done that, but my problem still exists after new start…

Can you send use the file? Either as a private message here on the forum or via email to support at this domain?

Das mach ich gern, wie schick ich dir denn eine Privatmail?

Klick aufs Profilbild und dann auf Message: