Import Kerning from CSV

I’m trying to import some kerning from a modified CSV file into the font. When I go to File > Import > Metrics I get an open document dialog but the CSV file is not selectable. Am I doing something wrong?

Glyphs doesn’t support csv files.
Where did you get the files from?

Glyphs does support .afm and .merics files. Export a .metrics file to get an example file. Maybe you can transform the csv file into a ,metrics file.

I followed a previous thread that mentioned csv files. Importing Kerning data from .metrics/.csv file . I exported a csv using a mekkablue script. I just assumed Glyphs could import the same format it had exported.

It is the script that exported that, not Glyphs. One would have to write a script for importing it again. I remember I wrote the Export CSV scripts years ago because people wanted to check their stuff in a spreadsheet application.