Import many images at once

FontStudio (the famous one from 1991) also has this feature, images for uppercase glyphs need to have -U added to the (glyph-) file name, then everything appears magically.

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Hi Tosche,

How exactly do you import multiple images? I’m creating my files in Illustrator and would LOVE a way to import all the letters into their respective glyphs in order to speed things up by not having to copy and paste every, single, character.


Do you mean Ai outlines by “images”?

Well, one way or another, you will have to tell which shape goes into which slot.

You can use the script from my last post in this topic to do that.
One thing you need to do is to properly name the files.
You can use 2 methods with my script: name files like "00E4.jpg" or "adieresis.jpg". They should be in one folder.
Then you just provide the extension in the text field, click one button to create glyphs for all images, click another button to place the images.
You can modify the script to your needs too.

The Glyph > Add Image… function is doing exactly that. it will show a open file panel and there you can select more then one image. The images will be put in the glyph according of the file name.

Thanks for the quick feedback everyone. I tried using the > Add Image route and it says my file isn’t named properly. Do they have to be a certain file type? I’m creating my outlines in Illustrator, saving out as .eps files. I tried the letter A, for example, and used 0041.eps as the file name and it gives me the “file not named correctly” error message. I’m on a Mac using the latest version of the full app.

@dyb the script intimidates me haha. but I see you’re using .jpg as the file name. If I can’t get the Add Image feature to work I’ll give this a shot. thanks!

you need to use the glyph name, not the unicode. The add image command would interpret eps as images instead of interpreting the outlines. It would import outlines from .svg files but those are not selectable from the open panel. I’ll fix that.