Import metrics classes from FontLab

Hi, is there a way to import metrics classes from Fontlab into Glyphs? I have imported kerning classes and kerning values without any problem. I also was able to import side bearing values, but I cannot find the way of importing/copying the classes for the side bearings (I guess they should be visible as metrics keys in the Info panel). It would be also interesting to know how to export them back into FL. Any clue?

Thank you.

Glyphs does not have the concept of metrics classes, rather metrics keys.

You may be able to roughly find a relation between the two, though: Copy the glyph names from the metrics classes, put them into a List Filter, then select them all, and set metrics keys for all of them at once. Change the list filter to the glyph names of the next class and repeat.

Thanks @mekkablue. I was looking for a more automatized way of doing it. Anyway, there being no straight-forward method, your approach seems the most convenient.

The problem is that there is no way to get to the information if the classes are right or left. I changed the export script to store the metrics classes. So one could write a script make metrics keys.

It would be great to get the metrics classes by importing a metrics file, the same way one can get the kerning with all its classes. It is a bit weird that no information about which side bearing the class refers to is available in a FontLab file. I guess that makes it impossible. What about the reverse action, this is, to export the metrics keys defined in Glyphs and make them accessible as metrics classes in FontLab? Was that what you meant @GeorgSeifert? Does anyone know of a script to get this?

Bump. I wonder the exact same. I need to get the Kerning information of a FontLab file as good as possible to Glyphs (work in Glyphs) and get the new Data as good as possible back to a FontLab file, so that the actual designer can keep on working in FontLab.

Is there any updates on the scripting situation (either way or both ways)?

The export and import scripts for FLS don’t do that for you?

I need to try them out. I was concerned about the Kerning Groups Kerning Classes (in) compatibility after reading this thread.

The script will try to convert that as good as possible. Or try vfb2ufo.

Thank you!