Import metrics does not work well in 2.4 and 2.5b

I need to import metrics into a file and the imported values completely mess the spacing. The metric file was generated with 2.5b and the values are correct in the file but when I import the file, the results are wrong. I’ve tried different combination (Lft + width, Right + width, Left + Right) and none of them is working.

Please, help!

Can you send all involved files please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

FIles sent.

Also if I try to use Copy Special, Glyphs crashes.

I had a look at the files you sent. The side bearings are imported correctly, but the metrics displayed in Glyphs take the italic angle into account. You can check for yourself by simply setting the italic angle back to 0°.

If I set the angle to zero and then import the metrics, the side bearing are still wrong. Please tell me how can I get the same side bearings than the original file from where I exported the metrics.

OK, I set the angle to zero and re exported the metrics. Then I could import them well. This is a clear flaw. Glyphs should take into account that the angle is not zero when exporting the metrics, otherwise the values will be wrong.

Does it export the italic-adjusted metrics? I’ll file a bug-report.

When I exported the metrics (from the original file) setting its angle to zero, the values were correct in the metric file. Then I could import it into the target file and the metrics were imported with no problem. I didn’t need to set the angle to zero in the target file. The problem is Glyphs exports the slanted side bearings, not the normal ones.

Thanks for reporting, bug report is filed.

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