Import or export of kerning groups


is there any way, how i can import or export kerning groups from one .glyph file to another?


You can copy/paste classes from a kerning panel. Is this what You think of?

No, I think he wants to transfer the group values from on font to another.

It is not possible at the moment. I will have a look at this.

it was more about standard classes copying from one font to another. didn’t try it out, but i just bought metricsmachine and i saw that i can import the metriks in glyphs. everythings works fine.

When you imported the metrics to Glyphs did you use Georg’ import AFM script, or are you working natively in UFO?

„everything works fine“ was more like an expression. right now, i didn’t try it out. i just wanted to know if it’s possible. do you have some issues with the importing. maybe i got the time to test everything today.

Yesterday I implemented the import of kerning and classes from .ufo files. So you can export an .ufo and import it to another font.

Georg. What build was that and has it made it to the App store yet?

No, I just implemented it yesterday evening. I will issue an new build to the App Store soon.

Is it possible to import/export kerning values?

You can copy paste kerning in the kerning panel.

Is it possible to copy all kerning pairs from one font to another at once?

You can copy paste kerning from the kerning panel.

Georg Seifert
No, I’m sorry… it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because I have the mini version?
I want to copy the information in the kerning pairs window and paste it in another style of the same font family. With glyphs mini.
Please help…

Hello Georg, I’d like to follow up on this. Is it not possible to import metrics in Glyphs Mini? I find that at least the import of kerning values should be implemented even in a “mini” version of the software, but the File > Import > Metrics option is not available in the menu.

If you chose to leave this out of Glyphs Mini, what is your suggestion as to getting identical kerning values for two different type styles?