Import spacing and kerning values

Is it possible to import spacing and kerning values from other glyphs-files so two fonts have exactly the same spacing and kerning?

Kerning yes. You just copy paste kerning values between fonts from Window > Kerning.
Spacing. Depend what you have in mind. You can “steal sidebearings” from one font to another via script.

Thanks. Copying kerning saves a lot of time.
Stealing sidebearings sounds like an useful option.

You will find it here, in the Metrics section:

Thanks for the link to the script.

Related: I use Copy Layer To Layer; it’s very handy. But it doesn’t copy the metrics (sidebearings or width) from the original layer. There are other occasions where I want to simply swap the foreground with the background. In all these cases, I would prefer that the metrics of the respective layers were retained. Shouldn’t this be default, or even enabled with the option key?

Similarly, x and y offsets of components are not retained when copying layer to layer.