Import UFO: Metrics change even "Automated Alignment" is switched off


even though “automated alignment” is switched off for importing *.ufo files, Glyphs adds/activates “automated alignment” for an *.ufo file i’m importing. I noticed this with Hbar – comparison below.

*.ufo opened in Robofont:
Metrics = 29/29

*.ufo opened in Glyphs:

after turning off “auto alignment” in the Font Info:

Seems like I’ve lost 8-9 units during the import. Am i missing something? What’s the correct way to set the preferences right before importing an external *.ufo file?

Thank you

There is a setting in preferences that controlles if the alignment is disabled for newly opened files.


meanwhile, we’ve found a workaround. I hope this helps other people who’ve come across the same problem.

– I exported the *.ufo without deactivating the auto-alignement before
– therefore this information is still contained in the ufo file, and is being activated when importing the *.ufo back into Glyphs

– Right click on *.ofu > select Show content package
– Open the lib.plist file
– in line 6 turn “false” into “true”

Afterwards, I can open the *.ufo file in Glyphs, and the auto-alignment is not being activated by default

Best wishes

That’s right – but if I exported my *.ufo file from a larger Glyphs file (with many masters) that has “auto alignment” turned ON in general, this information is still being stored in the individually exported *.ufo. SO now, when I import that *.ufo back into Glyphs – even with the preference disabling auto alignment for newly opened files – it turnes “auto alignment” back on.

Am i right?

So you wrote an .ufo from Glyphs, edited it in RF and then opened it in Glyphs again?

right! To work on the kerning of one individual UFO outside of Glyphs
(I just opened Robofont to test the issue)

Then all you need to import is the Kerning, right?
Select all glyphs, choose File > Import > Metrics and choose the kerned UFO.

You do not need to round trip the complete glyph data, and risk the extras you have in Glyphs.

Hi Mekka,

that’s true for the Kerning Data. Yet, what if also the Spacing has been modified? Is the “Steal Sidebearings” script the only option to transfer Side Bearings from UFO back into Glyphs?

You do not need to round trip the complete glyph data, and risk the extras you have in Glyphs.

That makes sense!

Thank you

You can copy the UFO glyphs, switch to the target Glyphs file, hold down your Opt key and try Edit > Paste Special (Cmd-Opt-V):