Import vectorized graphics

I want to create a web font with ding bats where I already have my material in vectorized format (EPS or PDF). Is there a way to use them in Glyphs? I couldn’t find an obvious way to do it and have relied on the Trace plugin by Georg Seifert. Feels like an unnecessary extra step though.

Just copy and paste them from Illustrator. Remember one point in AI corresponds to one unit in Glyphs.

Alternatively, you can save them in individual files carrying the glyph names, i.e. a.eps, b.eps etc.

If you want to scale inside Glyphs, it may be a good idea to set the Grid Spacing to zero (File > Font Info > Other Settings > Grid Spacing).

Which reminds me that I once wanted to write a blog entry about this subject…

The manual has a section about that topic, too.

So, what about Glyphs Mini? Can it import EPS files? Do you have any modern examples I can try to follow?