Importing existing fonts (.glyphs or .otf) as masters

I’m looking at modifying a font (under the SIL License) and I can’t figure out how to import .otf files into masters. I would like to import/merge Light, Regular, Bold as Masters for interpolation.

I have tried turning them into .glyphs files (metrics and stems such as are present for each file), and I’ve tried making masters alongside the Regular and selecting all glyphs and pasting in. I can’t seem to find how to do this in the manual either. I don’t want to have to paste each glyph, and I would like to preserve each master’s metric and stem properties.

Any help would be appreciated!


File > Font Info > Masters and click on the plus button in the lower left. Look at the Font Info chapter in the Handbook.

Thanks for letting me know which part of the handbook I needed to be at, I assumed it would have been under the masters section, the only part I needed to know was just that the files should all be open when importing.