Importing Illustrator Files Into Glyph

I’ve create a bunch of letters in illustrator, and I was wondering what is the best way to go about importing them into Glyph to create a font? Are there any particular sizes, or formats that are better when importing? Just wondering what is the best way to go about doing this?

EDIT: I just read your blog post on importing from Illustrator and am still a little bit confused.

I haven’t changed the coordinate position. I scale my letter so that its largest dimension is 500 pts. I’m adjusting the position of the each letter so its origin is at 0, 0 in Illustrator (I just paste the letter in a new illustrator file and make the artboard fit around it). Then I paste into Glyph and get the following: . ANy help would be appreciate, thanks.

Is your Illustrator 0,0 point at top left? If so, it needs to be at bottom left.

Thank you. I’ve gotten this now: . Should my goal be to make it so the letter fills out the entire box width wise (ie its left edge touches the left guideline and right touches the right guideline?). Sorry am a bit new to this, my designer made a whole bunch of letters and am just trying to get this in as a font. What is the bare minimum you’d recommend me doing just to make it look nice (if you have done any tutorials that might apply to what I’m trying to do, would appreciate if could link).

BTW am just using the trial version, this is my only need for the software. However, if my app takes off and I make a little money off of it, would gladly come back and purchase this even if I have no further use for it.

No. While some characters will be the same width, in general every character has its own unique width.

Vertical size is also important, and from the image I would say your letter is about the height of the lowercase but I could be wrong.

I don’t have a tutorial nor do I know of one, and there isn’t enough room here for a tutorial. It isn’t the place, either. It would be much more productive for you to find someone who can help you directly either in person or via email.

Try That is the Build forum and someone there may be able and willing to help. There are a lot of experts on Typophile.

@GyLPHFRo did you read this:

I just posted a video about my process. I did it with a handmade font, but perhaps it will help you:

Thanks guys will check those out.