Importing kerning data from AFM files

I have a feeling this should be obvious, but I have not been able to find an answer in either Handbook or forum. When opening an old Type 1 font, how do I import kerning pairs from an AFM file? Import Metrics sees the file, but on Import, nothing arrives.

On a related note, presumably it would be best not to let Glyphs tamper with glyph names until after importing kerning? Or is Glyphs smart enough to apply the same translation to incoming kerning tables that it does to glyph names?

There was a typo that prevented the import of .afm file. I fixed it.

Thank you Georg. So will that be in the next build? (Currently 905)

And do I need to maintain original glyph names until the AFM are imported?

In the next beta, yes.

Many thanks Rainer. Is there by any chance a script available that will import AFM data in the meantime?

I would try an older version. Like the latest stable one…?

I just uploaded a new version.

Many thanks Georg, Import Metrics now seems to work fine in 907.

The second question in the OP still stands however: if an old T1 font has been imported with Keep glyph names from imported fonts unchecked, and Glyphs has regularised some of the names, can this nullify the affected kerning pairs and classes, or will Glyphs recognise and adapt the changed names in the kerning data?

Finally, will Glyphs never import metrics/kerning data when it initially opens a T1 font, even if the AFM files are in the same folder? If not, could this (and if necessary the translation of irregular glyph names —assuming that the glyphs are recognisable by codepoints) be made a feature request?

I think I can now answer my own first question: with standard latin fonts there are likely to be very few glyph name changes —just two in the font I have been working with: dotless1 corrected to idotless, and guillemot corrected to guillemet. Only the latter featured in an imported AFM kerning table, and Glyphs correctly identified the glyphs with either spelling, and kept the names in synch between font and kerning data. It appears that I have been fussing about nothing.

Only the question about importing kerning on initially opening a T1 remains. Not a big deal, just curious.

The names should be translated correctly.

“dotlessi”, “guillemotleft”, “guillemotright” etc. are official and ancient glyph names. Translating them to something else is not correct, and annoying in multiple tool environments. Could Glyphs please stick to AGLFN?

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On a document basis: File > Font Info > Other Settings > Use custom naming, and globally: Preferences > User Settings > Keep Glyph Names from Imported Files.

There are much more names that are ‘official and ancient’. That doesn’t mean they are always the best designer facing names.