Importing kerning from an ufo into a multiple master file

Hi, I’m having trouble in a multiple master file to import the kerning from an UFO.
The problem is: the import kerning feature works on a master but as soon as I run it on another master it deletes all the kerning in other masters. So for instance if I have a multiple master file containing six masters I cannot import the kerning into each masters from six different UFOs, is there a way around this problem?
Thanks guys.

Load the ufo into individual Glyphs documents. Then you can copy paste the kerning from the kerning panel.

Thanks for your answer Georg, I’ve been doing this but I have a file with 18 masters and +60,000 pairs in each master and using this method is very time-consuming. So with this question I was wondering if there was a quicker way around this. Since we can use the import kerning feature why does it has to replace all the kerning at once and not only replace the kerning on a specific master? It would actually make more sense.

That would make more sense. You are right. I’ll have a look.

And for 18 masters, it would make sense to write a script to do all the importing.

That’s right yes … Thanks for your answers!