Importing or copy/paste svg, ai, or eps


Is it possible to import vector graphics done with Adobe Illustrator, either on svg, ai or eps file format ?

Thanks in advance

You can copy past outlines from Illustrator.

The scaling is preserved and if the origin of the page in Illustrator is at a meaningful position it is preserved, too.

To find out how to scale the drawings in Illustrator, draw a shape in Glyphs, copy it to Illustrator and scale the drawing accordingly. Mostly you have to scale everything up quite a bit.

I press command + C (copy) on Illustrator (CS 1, Snow Leopard)

When I press ‘paste’ (command + V) on Glyphs (Font tab), the menu bar is highlighted but nothing visible happens.
On a glyph tab (e.g., ‘a’) I get the alert sound.

You have to open a glyph in the edit tab and select the select tool to paste outlines.