Importing SVG files in Glyphs Mini

Hi everyone

I want to import SVG files into Glyphs Mini.

However, when I drag and drop the SVG file, all the nodes stick to the baseline and it doesn’t work.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Can you upload the SVG file somewhere?

Thank you for responding!

Here is a link to the SVG:

The svg has a quite strange transformation matrix. Where does the file come from?
I fixed it. Thanks for the file.

It was drawn using Affinity Designer, then exported as an SVG.

I originally used Fontforge to make the typeface by importing each SVG glyph which worked perfectly, but wanted to try out Glyphs Mini out of curiosity.

Can’t seem to get this to work though…

Can you try to export .eps files? That might work.

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