Importing Vectors from Illustrator


I’ve been working on a hand drawn font using the scan / image trace / drag into Glyphs and refine method and I know I’m not doing it as efficiently as I should be. When I drag in I have to resize and anchor to baseline, which works because I have the 0/1 grid spacing but it still takes a while. This is ok for one style, but the one I’m working on now will have 4 styles and they be created by typing with the finished font in Illustrator, using graphic styles and actions to roughen them and then dragging back into Illustrator (the only way I know how to do it).

I’m wondering if anyone has a smarter way to do this instead of dragging, resizing and repositioning 100’s of additional characters. Sorry if this post is confusing - please let me know if you have any questions.

Consider an Illustrator action for editing before you transfer.

I suppose you have read this:

One thing that might help to cut down on the resizing once you get it into Glyphs is if you could try setting up your Illustrator artboard (page) to be the same size as your Glyphs vertical metrics. In other words, if your cap or ascender height is 700 units, then you could set Illustrator to be 700 points (not inches) and scale up your characters to that size in Illustrator first. Then when you copy/paste to Glyphs it may be about the right size already (you may just need to reposition still). Would take some playing with it, but that might get you closer?

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