Impossible to grab Nodes and Handels in Master Compatibility View

Hey, I’m relatively new to Glyphs and am currently working on a variable font and as it should be with multiple master cuts.

Now in the Master Compatibility view I sometimes want to relink single nodes and handles between the master cuts to get different interpolation results.

The problem is that the nodes on the other master sections are not clickable, but disappear every time I click on one. Apart from that the interpolation works without problems.
I have marked an example in the screenshot:

Reinstalling Glyphs did not solve the problem for me.
Maybe you can help me, or there is already a solution that I have overlooked.


This was recently discusses in this thread:

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You should ne able to drag those nodes. Click, hold and drag the mouse …

I can only click and drag the green connected nodes, the first one. Not any other one. When I click and try to drag they just disappear.

But just as @SCarewe pointed out in the other thread, I now understand that I only can move the first one.