Include a script (font) into another

Hello there,

I’m working on an Arabic font, I want to include an existing Latin font to merge with it, my question is what is the technically-correct way to do this and have the Latin (fully) functioning along with my Arabic one, (knowing that I own the license for the Latin one), the end result would be 1 bilingual font.

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You can use MergeGlyphs. And if x-heights differ too much, you can use the shoulderHeight parameter in Font Info > Masters to have an Arabic metric line instead of the x-height.

If I open the Latin font file “otf” inside glyphs > update glyphs info, then copy all the Latin glyphs needed, then switch to my Arabic font and paste glyphs, what am I doing wrong or missing here?

Sounds fine. Have you been experiencing any problems?

No not really, :+1: