Include linked features on Glyphs 2

Hi folks! Could it be that G2 Fail linking .fea files motivated to Monterey? I am working with mixed versions, and in G3 it works perfectly, but then in G2 with Monterey the lookups features fail on update or compilation.

This is the error that appears to me when compiling or updating :point_down:

It might be the case that you are using a new feature syntax that Glyphs 2 does not know about. Difficult to tell without seeing the feature code. Could you share the feature with us (either upload it here publicly, send me a private personal message on the Forum, or send it via email to support at this domain).

To access the feature file, click the Details button and a Finder window with exported font project will open. Go into the folder of your font and there should be a file called “features.fea”.

Florian, I just sent it to your personal mail.

Many thanks!